weekly weigh in, week 3

So this week was mostly bad. I skipped the gym Wed and Fri (only went on Monday). I tracked every day until Friday – I went WAAAY over most days. Yesterday my “dinner” consisted of pizza and snacking on food I was preparing for the party.

Between work and party planning, I’m getting 4-6 hrs of sleep a night. I was not going to weigh in this week, but I have a new weight-loss accountability partner, and I know she’d yell at me if I didn’t.

The good: I drank TONS of water this week. I think it’s the change in the atmosphere, but my water intake as probably tripled! Also, on Tuesday (before I gave up the appearance of having a good week) was the fist day in 3 weeks where I didn’t go to the gym, but still stayed within my calorie limit for the day!

The bad: everything above :-p

Overall: I stayed the same – no gain, no loss. Not sure how I did it, but I’ll take it over a gain any day!

Next week is going to be stressful at work, but no more party planning, so I think I’ll be OK.

My favorite meal this week: I went out almost every meal this week! J cooked up a dish of beef, tomato paste, and onions which was good, but I don’t have the recipe :(.


About casadezhang

J and I got married in August 2010, and purchased our first house in May 2012. I decided to start a blog so I can ramble on about all the thing I find interesting. How is this different than any other home/life blog? It's probably not - but I just like to talk :). I'm not the best at updating my blogs, but I'll try to update at least once a week, or whenever anything interesting happens :).
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