Recovery – Day 4

I’m adjusting well to Percocet every 6 hours instead of every 4. I start feeling sore about an hour before I’m due to take more, but it’s definitely do-able. My system is liking the fewer drugs!

I’ve got the cryo-cuff on a lot more of the time, and it’s really helping! My knee is weird, it’s swollen enough that it actually feels firm to the touch, but it doesn’t look any different than I did yesterday. I think the calf is starting to bruise, but it’s hard to see right now. It’s pretty hot to the touch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see bruising in the next couple days. The back of my knee, however, is definitely starting to bruise more.

The inside/back of my knee:

The outside/back of my knee (yes, that is a different bruise):

When I’m laying in bed, I feel strong and healthy, but I am surprised at how tiring sitting up for even just one hour can be! I guess my strength is not what I expect it to be.

My church has set up a schedule for people to bring J and I dinner 3 times a week until my post-op appointment. I feel spoiled and loved by my amazing friends!


About casadezhang

J and I got married in August 2010, and purchased our first house in May 2012. I decided to start a blog so I can ramble on about all the thing I find interesting. How is this different than any other home/life blog? It's probably not - but I just like to talk :). I'm not the best at updating my blogs, but I'll try to update at least once a week, or whenever anything interesting happens :).
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