Recovery – Day 14, Happy Halloween!

Today was my first day back at work. It started off pretty rough. I’m not sure if it was the extra walking, getting up early, or what, but I took 1 Vicodin when I got into work, then a second about 45 min later because the first one wasn’t doing much.

Today was mostly catch-up. Talked to my supervisor, sorted the 71 new emails, and returned my 2 voicemails (much less than I expected). I caught up with friends a bit. I swear, wearing a leg brace in public is an invitation for anyone and everyone to ask you what happened!

I’m so glad I brought a couple ice packs to work. I keep rotating them, it helps the pain a lot. 1 more Vicodin in the afternoon. Then off to the gym, where 4 weeks ago I was running and doing an hour of weights, to do my pathetic stationary bike PT for a whole 7 minutes!

It was pretty rough getting back into work after almost 2 weeks off, but I survived.

Then tonight was Halloween! Our first one at the new house. I talked to a couple neighbors, they all said there were a ton of kids, one lady told me that she buys 10 bags of candy. J and I went to the store, since we only had 2 bags, and bought 4 more. We had a good number of kids, but really only used up 3 bags. I guess we were stingy. Most of the kids were really little, and they were so cute! My favorite was a kitty-cat ballerina who looked to be about 6. I also liked the little tiny ones who would knock on your door and then get all shy. 🙂

I had one dad ask if my leg brace was a costume. I’m not sure what costume that would be – lol. I don’t know if it was just because it was Halloween or what, but my brace really seemed to freak out the kids.

I was pretty sore by the end of the night. Around 11, I took one of my few remaining Percocets and went to bed.


About casadezhang

J and I got married in August 2010, and purchased our first house in May 2012. I decided to start a blog so I can ramble on about all the thing I find interesting. How is this different than any other home/life blog? It's probably not - but I just like to talk :). I'm not the best at updating my blogs, but I'll try to update at least once a week, or whenever anything interesting happens :).
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