Pregnancy! – BFP-week 5

We didn’t really tell people (my parents will probably find out from this post!), but in Feb, J and I started infertility testing after a year of trying to get pregnant with no luck.

Earlier this cycle, I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), which is a dye test to visualize the uterus and fallopian tubes. The HSG showed a blocked tube and a growth (polyp/fibroid) in my uterus, which made me anxious about ever getting pregnant. My dr told me that some people are extra fertile for a few months after the HSG. The rest of the tests (blood work and J’s tests) came back perfect.

Well, during my “two week wait” (time between ovulation and period), I noticed a temperature dip at 6DPO (days past ovulation), and then my temperatures went really high at 9DPO – both of which are consistent with pregnancy.

I took my first home pregnancy test (HPT) at 9DPO. I thought I saw a suuuuuuper faint squinter line, but it definitely was not dark enough for me to say I was pregnant. I took an HPT at 10DPO, but it appeared to be negative. I took another test at 11DPO. I thought I saw a line, so I showed it to J. He said he couldn’t see anything.


12DPO I took another test, it looked more positive to me, so I took one of the more expensive tests. Positive. I took a digital test, it came back “pregnant.”


I called J into the bathroom and showed him the cheapest test. He said he still couldn’t see a line. Then I showed him the more expensive test and he said he wasn’t sure. Then I handed him the digital. My hands were shaking so bad, I could barely hold on to it. He looked at it, looked at me, looked back at the test and said “really?” I said yes!

We hugged, and cried. Then we laid hands on my tummy and prayed for the zygote (sorry, I love this word – it makes me laugh – we called it a baby in our prayers).

Over the next few days, I kept taking the cheapie tests just to see that beautiful line get darker.


4 weeks:

Baby is the size is a poppy seed! I don’t really have any true pregnancy symptoms yet. Except my hunger is all over the place. I can go from satisfied to famished in a matter of seconds. And no matter how hungry I am, as soon as I see food, it no longer looks appealing.

I had my first appointment at the doctors. Just getting bloodwork and setting up my next appointment for an ultrasound.
Monday (14 DPO, 1:30pm) my hCG level was 63
Wednesday (16 DPO, 8:30am) my hCG level was 188
Which means my numbers tripled in 43 hours. A healthy pregnancy, you want the numbers to at least double every 48-72 hrs, so this baby is quite the grower!

Coolest thing about this week: not getting my period! I know that sounds goofy, but I got my positive test a couple days before my expected period. In the year I’ve been tracking, the longest I’ve gone past ovulation is 14DPO. To make it to a point where my period is officially “late” is pretty awesome. It’s helping make this real since I still don’t “feel” pregnant yet.

*Update* apparently “pregnancy brain” is on full swing. J and I were leaving for a vacation to CA. I came home from work, emptied out my purse, and repacked it with all the important things: phone, Chapstick, almonds…

I got to the airport and realized I didn’t repack my WALLET! Fortunately, if you provide every detail about your life and submit to the advanced patdown, they will let you fly without ID.

So apparently in my messed-up state of mind, almonds are more important than my ID :-p

We have a friend with keys to our house who was nice enough to mail my license to me, since we were staying at J’s mom’s place, so at least it was easier coming back.

5 weeks:

Baby is the size of an apple seed! When I look at already born babies it’s hard to believe mine is so small, however when I compare an apple seed to the poppy seed it was last week, it’s amazing to me. This little speck almost quadrupled in size in the last week! It’s almost frightening that something can be growing inside me that fast.

Still not too many symptoms to speak of. I’ve started getting a lot of back aches, but they’re more uncomfortable than really painful.

We went to Disney Land on Monday, check this post for more info. It was fun, but I couldn’t ride a lot if the rides :(. I still had fun. Ate a lot, drank a lot of water, and had to take more breaks than usual.

When we got back from CA, my dr wanted to do a third beta test just because my first two were low but rising. On Thursday, 8 days past my last blood draw (so…24 DPO, I think), my hCG level was 5,926. That’s just over doubling every 48 hrs. Baby is definitely growing!!


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J and I got married in August 2010, and purchased our first house in May 2012. I decided to start a blog so I can ramble on about all the thing I find interesting. How is this different than any other home/life blog? It's probably not - but I just like to talk :). I'm not the best at updating my blogs, but I'll try to update at least once a week, or whenever anything interesting happens :).
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