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My scan today was a lot of fun – very interesting, at least to me 😉

Baby was asleep, and therefore not moving at all.  I told the technician she was lucky because baby is very active when she’s awake.  The technician kept poking at her, I think trying to wake her up – which she did.  Once she woke up, she wouldn’t hold still!  Silly technician, I warned you baby was an active one.  Let sleeping dogs lie!

They weren’t able to get the best of pictures, most were fuzzy and at funny angles, but baby has all the necessary parts, is very active and healthy.

She measured 19 weeks, 4 days – two days ahead of schedule (not bad).  She was 10.7 oz and 95% percentile – I got a big baby in there!  Her heartrate was 153.

The technician tried to get a peek at the sex, but couldn’t get a close enough look.  When all was said and done, she went to get the doctor saying she wasn’t quite satisfied with some of the heart pictures, and wanted to see if he was OK wtih that, or if he would want more.

About 10 min later, the doctor came in, and wanted to do some more pictures.  I assumed he wanted to get some better heart pictures, since that’s what the technician said, but to my surprise, he started trying to get gender pictures!  We got a few good crotch shots, and there were no boy parts (but no obvious girl parts either).  Then he said “OK – see these three lines here?” me “no” him “OK, then just trust me, there are 3 lines here, and these 3 lines generally indicate girl – I’m 95% sure you’re having a girl!”

::happy dance::

Baby girl is healthy and VERY active!

A couple shots from the scan:

baby face
Baby’s face (head, eyes, nose – with hands off to the side)

baby profile
Baby’s profile



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